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43 Kersey Crescent New House


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The customer was looking to combine a French chateau with a castle in a 4,000-square-foot building. Every detail outside and indoors, including the basement, had to come together to complete this unique appearance, while keeping the home’s functionality.

A variety of architectural elements was put in place in order to live up to the client’s expectations. Outdoor stonework, pointed roof, a well-defined staircase framed by columns supporting a balcony, elegant railing, lanterns - all contributed to the sought-after look. Inside, a stained glass skylight, frames around windows, crown molding, a fireplace, and graceful handrails, among other details, helped achieved the desired outcome.
Our scope included the following:
  • Preliminary design and space planning
  • Working drawings and coordination with clients and consultants
  • Building permit procurement
  • Tendering of construction contract
  • Architectural control during construction and contract administration*
*Architectural control during construction:
Once the building permit is issued, we help with the hiring of a general contractor and ensure that the architectural plans are being followed. Since the city inspector checks the construction site on a regular basis, it is essential that the work carried out strictly corresponds to permit drawings. Normally, about 50% of building projects do not pass such inspections. This results in remediation measures, which means an extra cost to the customer and delays in construction.

Our Client's Words:

This house is true feast for a classic soul! Ponder it from the outside - it is as if you were looking at a miniature castle, take a look inside - you almost feel like you are entering an Opera House or a museum. The outdoor stonework and the pointed roof transport you back in time. The amazing stained glass skylight gives the house an unparalleled feel of sophistication.

We knew we would need to hire a firm with a significant portfolio, one that would be capable of capturing our ideas and embodying them in every square foot of the building. VArchitect was the perfect match: they listened to us and interpreted our vision, down to the last detail.

A wide range of architectural elements gives this place a unique classy touch: a pronounced front staircase flanked by elegant railing, classic columns supporting a tastefully rendered balcony, simple yet beautiful frames around all the windows, and lanterns that make a perfect combination with the front door.

As we walk inside, we are met with more amazing tastefulness. Marble and hardwood floors, unique wall panelling, crown molding, an exquisite fireplace, large windows that make the entire place light up, graceful handrails along the winding staircase - the list can go on an on. All these details contribute to an unparalleled experience. It is a true joy to call this place our home!

Thank you, VArchitect, for interpreting our vision to the last bit! We got exactly what we wanted.

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