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1165 Garden Road, Mississauga New House


Project Description

A medieval castle for a home - that was this client’s dream. Both inside and out, each element of architectural design had to contribute to recreating this look. At the same time, the home had to be functional in every regard, including a built-in garage for multiple vehicles.

In approximately 4,700 square feet of construction, a range of architectural elements came together to fulfill each requirement. Pointed roof, wood garage doors, the arch above the main door, a tower with oculi (small, windows around the top) and tall narrow windows, as well as strategically placed lighting, gave the outside that unequivocal castle appearance. Interior design contributed just as much: a winding staircase inside the tower, tall ceilings with trusses, a striking fireplace, coupled with medieval-style light fixtures, and a traditional winery. An intricate combination of brick and stone completed the desired look.

Our scope included:
  • Building permit process planning
  • Floor plans and elevations design
  • Architectural control during construction*
*Architectural control during construction:
Once the building permit is issued, we help with the hiring of a general contractor and ensure that the architectural plans are being followed. Since the city inspector checks the construction site on a regular basis, it is essential that the work carried out strictly corresponds to permit drawings. Normally, about 50% of building projects do not pass such inspections. This results in remediation measures, which means an extra cost to the customer and delays in construction.

Our Client's Words:

Castle-style living does not have to remain in the distant past. VArchitect made it possible for us in the XXI century!

To bring our dream to life, we knew we would need to find a firm with an ample portfolio of similar projects. Somebody recommended VArchitect, and we never regretted having hired them. From the very beginning, it was royal treatment: we met in a comfortable conference room, and were shown every design and proposal on a large screen (the coffee was incredible too!). They took care of each single wish on our list, without us having to lift a finger. In record time, we were given the keys to our new abode - our “medieval” dream had come true!

Every detail, both inside and out speaks of “medieval times”. Pointed roof elements, wood garage doors, the arch above the main door, and… a tower with oculi and tall narrow windows - everything comes together perfectly for a complete castle look (not to mention the unique combination of brick and stonework). On top of that, the strategically placed lighting, gives the house that mysterious ancient appearance at night.

Walk inside, and you are transported into centuries past with a blink of an eye: a winding staircase inside the tower, tall ceilings with trusses, a striking fireplace, coupled with medieval-style light fixtures, all give it that distinctive feel. The best part - our very own traditional cantina! This unique room has barrels and tubes for containing wine bottles mounted right into the walls. The stonework and the furniture complete the look.

We could not be happier, living our medieval European dream right in the midst of bustling modern life in Mississauga!

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